Kathryn Budig is coming to Little Rock and you are invited!!!

Save the date for October 19-21!!

Here’s the schedule:

FRI: 6:30-8:30pm AIM TRUE (lecture and flow)

Set every practice, day and breath with the power of your intention. Tap into what it means for us to ‘aim true’ on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Then we’ll get out our mats and find our inner archer and physically manifest through asana what it means to be strong, aware and compassionate. Creative sequencing will create discipline with the perfect blend of humor and thoughtfulness. Come join the hunt for our authentic selves. Please bring a strap, block, paper and a pen.

SAT: 10:30am-1:30pm FLIGHT OF THE YOGI (inversions and arm balances)

Join Kathryn for a lighthearted workshop of exploration on our hands! This workshop is geared towards both fledglings of arm balances and full grown flyers. We will explore the foundation of arm balancing, the technicalities of leaving the ground on our hands and the playful mindset needed to maintain the balance. We’ll begin with bakasana (crow) and explore other poses such as flying pigeon, side crow, grasshopper, ekapadakoundinyasana, handstand, forearm balance and many other variations. Beginners will learn how to enter these poses, advanced practitioners will learn new entries and possibilities. Come with any questions and leave with a refreshed spirit and richer understanding of these amazing postures.

SAT: 3-5pm CHOOSE ONLY LOVE! (heart openers/backbends)
Everything we do stems from a place of love and often all we need is a little reminder to get us back on that track. Backbends are the ultimate ticket to look fear in the face and react straight from our heart center. This love inducing flow will open your heart and shoulders preparing you for deeper back bends such as UrdhvaDhanurasana and EkaPada Raja Kapotasana. Once the heart soars the possibilities are endless!

SUN: 12:30-3:00 PM SPICE UP YOUR PRACTICE (flow)

Love yoga but feel like you’re in a bit of a slump? Freshen up your routine and add some spice to your mat! This dynamic workshop explores new and exciting Sun Salutation variations, fun transitions, vigorous vinyasa, and new exit strategies. Add life to your yoga practice through an energetic class that gets the pulse and laughter flowing. Come with an open mind, a hungry appetite for excitement, and a towel to mop it all down.

Whole Weekend (attend all 4): $165
Each Single Session: $45

**Early Bird Pricing $150 for entire weekend**
*Must receive payment by September 31st for Early Bird price*

register at eventbrite:


Make checks out to Yay Yoga and send them to 715 Sherman #4, LR AR 72202
*Must receive checks by September 31st for Early Bird price

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