Arkansas Fiber Arts

Sewn In

Sewn In was a gathering of Fiber artists, curated by Erin Lorenzen, and shown at Fenix gallery in Fayetteville from March-September, 2020.

The exhibition featured fresh interpretations of traditional textile arts including crochet, embroidery, quilting, dyeing, weaving, and felting from artists across the state. Works in the exhibition both honor and challenge the tradition of each technique.

Often worked on in the private sphere of the home, and often unseen, the medium of Fiber Art is sometimes overlooked and often dismissed. This exhibition challenges the instinct to dismiss the tradition, and pushes into the gallery space with new energy, demanding more visibility for warmth, softness, humanness, and connection.

Participating Fiber artists included:

Whitney Johnson Bell, Lela Besom, Randi Curtis, Britynn Davis, Laurie Foster, Melissa Emily Gill, Martha Litton Guirl-Phillips, Louise Halsey, Danielle Hatch, Dani Ives, Jarressa Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Jo Ann Kaminsky, Kimberly Kwee, Melissa Lashbrook, Holly Laws, Amanda Linn, Erin Lorenzen, Marianne Nolley, Tina Oppenheimer, Fawn Wonsower-Potter, Ziba Rajabi, Rosie Rose, and Suzannah Schreckhise