Gillian St. Clair

Weekend Workshop with Gillian St. Clair
May 10-12th, 2013

Cost of the entire weekend – $175

Early Bird Price – $150 (BEFORE MAY 1ST)

Individual Pricing for each section is $45

Friday 6-8pm Steadfast and True Vinyasa

Vinyasa can have many meanings (moving with the breath, unwinding), but my favorite definition is to “specifically place for a purpose with purpose.” We can’t move with the breath if the breath isn’t there, so we will start engaged, attentive, slow and steady and finish fast and fluid. We will align and then design fun yet intricate flows that have a purpose in a practice. From a strong stand to headstand, we will do it all!

Saturday 9-11:30am Asana Clinic & Adjustment Workshop

This is where we find our foundations and refine our asana practice, taking specific postures and working them individually as well as offering many variations and modifications. We will break down 3 different sets of salutations and learn key verbal adjustments for the masses as well as adjustments for the individual. We will move with focus into skillful, energetic touch, the art and science of hands-on assists. We will build confidence and clarity in this workshop by understanding each movement on our own bodies and then take that relationship and learn how to share. We will also talk about ethics, quality and setting the space for teachers who want to give hands-on assists in their own class.

Saturday 2-4:30pm Partner Yoga-The Yoga of Acrobatics

We will start with some fun warm-ups to heat up the core before getting into some artful and playful partner yoga. We will move into the acrobatics with some fundamentals of basing and flying, encouraging trust-building, an applied strength and deeper understanding of our relationships to gravity, to our bodies, and to each other. Our time together will bloom into some more serious transitions to create a beautiful, strong and safe vinyasa. Come alone or bring a friend.

Sunday 12-2pm The Mix-Up

Take the integrity of an Ashtanga practice, breath, drishti, bandhas, strong-powerful poses, and then practice softening the edges to create a seamless flow. Find stamina, sustainability, creativity and safety. Learn the asana and then add the vinyasa. We will take time to align, define, refine and repeat, leaving you with a seamless and personal practice you can use on a regular basis; a place you can pull from with strong foundations, integrity of the practice, and dedication to the truthfulness that is your breath. We will move.

“I teach the classes I would want to take based on what I feel from the day, the room, and the students in that moment. I think of Vinyasa Yoga as placing the body in and out of shapes for a specific purpose, whatever that may be in the present moment. This makes every class a unique experience not for the sake of originality, but for a truthfulness and joy that can only be found in the flow” -Gillian St. Clair